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People are always asking me how to get BOB strollers at a discount.

Usually the best way is to look around and see if there is a sale going on.

Check out today's BOB stroller discount coupon or sale

When there are no stroller sales going on at the moment, I look around and see if I can find a BOB stroller discount coupon. This is a bit tricky because BOB Gear usually does not allow stores to apply discount coupons to BOB strollers. However, sometimes the permission is granted. In the past year, I've found coupons from baby stores and outdoor stores that gave my subscribers discounts of 10%-20%.

Here is what people have told me after I found them their BOB stroller discount coupon:

"I just purchased a BOB Revolution with the 15% coupon as you suggested! I am so excited and thank you so much for your help - couldn't have found this great deal without you!" -- Kelly Bouchard from Milledgeville, GA

"Thank you so much for the information about sales on the Bob Revolution Strollers! I went to the REI website and my husband and I just ordered our revolution stroller with a 20% savings! We greatly appreciate your help. This is the best price we've seen!" -- Annalee Anthony from Newton, GA

I get emails like these every week!

If you really want to be kept up-to-date on the latest BOB stroller discount coupons, make sure to join my mailing list. I send my subscribers a weekly email with the latest BOB stroller discounts and sales, and that will save you a lot of time.

For example:

May 29: "... BabyCenter: Get 10% Off BOB Strollers - Expires June 8..."

July 18, 2008: "... You can use this coupon to save 20% off your BOB Stroller ... "

and more!
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I will normally only send you sales by trusted merchants. If I am not sure about a particular store's customer service or reliability, I will warn you so you can make your own decision.

Now that the economy is doing so bad, people are extra careful when they come to spend money. If you feel that a BOB stroller discount coupon isn't enough for you, you might want to check out some cheaper jogging strollers. The best one that comes to mind is the Tike Tech Trax 360, but you might also want to look into the InSTEP Safari stroller or the Schwinn Free Wheeler. These strollers are not as great as BOB strollers, but they are pretty good and might be a good alternative for you if the BOB stroller price is too high for you even after the discount.

But if what you really want is a BOB stroller, I suggest you sign up to my list and get the best BOB stroller discount coupon available online!

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